Small BooB pillow


Hand made boob pillow designed and made by Roosa Melentjeff

Boob pillows come in two sizes:

Small approx. 45 cm diameter (4 fasteners)

Big approx. 60 cm diameter (5 fasteners)

Mainly made by order, you can request what size and colour you would like! Just email me.

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Boob pillows are made using the leftover material from textile industry by crocheting the threaded textile into a shape of a boob.

Thanks to the sturdy crocheted tricot material, boob can be filled with regular square pillow(s) according to your own preference on how full you want the boob to be (boobs are sold without filling).

Back of the boob is made from repurposed cotton sheets, sewn on the boob by hand. Fasteners in the back are easy to use when filling and emptying the boob.

Washing the boob in a washing machine is not recommended, as the crochet becomes extremely heavy and dries slowly which might cause it to smell. Stains can be washed locally with a sponge and mild soap – just make sure that the boob dries well. Hoovering and airing are very effective ways in keeping the boob clean.